My "Fear-Less" Collection

It's been good to see the sun the last few days and I'm thrilled to hear the temp might actually reach 50 next week!  Yes, my windows will be open and I'll be enjoying every second of that fresh air :-)

For several weeks, I've been in a funk :-( At first, I thought it was the weather...the bitter cold, all the snow, being stuck indoors.  I was missing the sunshine and the fresh air and I was feeling defeated in a few areas.

I've met so many fabulous business owners and artisans/artists over the past year.  I'm so thankful for the experiences and relationships I have with them.  I consider them family and honestly don't know if I would have made it this far without them.  We dream together, share ideas, show support for one another, and so much more.

It reminds me of what I enjoyed most about being a teacher.  My students and their families, along with my colleagues...we were a family.  We not only worked together to provide a quality education for young people, we collaborated and planned together so that our children could learn about life, could have experiences that would teach them how to react in certain situations, would know how to feel AND show love/compassion to others.  When I began, it wasn't a competition for "best teacher", the "highest number on the rubric", the "best score on the test".  It was about loving and caring for children, working together to make the world come alive to them, and helping them explore and find their passion for life.  

There was a PURPOSE...not an objective.
COLLABORATION...not competition.
PASSION...instead of fear.

In honor of that seemingly long ago time, I'll be adding this "Fear-Less" collection to my Storenvy shop tomorrow. Is there a word you are looking for?  Leave me a comment below!  I'll be adding more to this collection over the next few weeks.

Hoping the funk has left the building and the creative juices are ready to flow once more!  Got some bigger (different) life dreams and goals to work towards ;-)


Did you say it?

Excited for New Beginnings!