Excited for New Beginnings!

It's been a wonderful few weeks spent with family and friends, breathing in love and life, sharing special moments, and making memories to last a lifetime.<3  Yes, I am very, very blessed.

This new year has brought about many new beginnings for Flowers on Footprints!
One of them is a new online store!!!  I have made an exciting decision to close my Etsy shop and re-open using Storenvy.  I think you will find the new store easy to navigate.  The site is fantastic and is a perfect fit for the philosophy of Flowers on Footprints.
For now, the online link on my website is currently under construction, so you can access the store on my Facebook Page by clicking on the "STORE" button next to "photos" or directly at http://flowersonfootprints.storenvy.com/

For the moment, I'm waiting with anticipation to hear back from several people/places who could possibly help me take the next step on this journey.  Not sure if any of them will come to fruition, but having the hope that one of them will turn into something great makes me feel really excited!!!

I've also decided to pick up subbing for a bit!  We'll see how that goes :-)

AND I'm excitedly planning a very loooooooong getaway in a few months...with both of our families...sun, sand, water, and family!  What could be better?!?

I've got several new pieces of metal, leather bracelets, and stamping blanks calling my name!  Next week, I'll be in the studio working to create lovely new pieces and will be spending the following weeks getting them into stores!  I'll definitely keep you posted as I can't wait to share them :-)

That's all (whew that was A LOT) for now!  Hope to see your bright and shining faces soon!

~Peace and love always,
  Nicole <3

My "Fear-Less" Collection

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