Did you say it?

'[Doctors] spend a lot of time focused on the future, planning it, working toward it. But at some point you start to realize your life is happening now. Not after [med school], not after [residency], right now. This is it. It’s here. Blink and you’ll miss it.' ~Meredith Grey

Since the beginning, I have been an avid watcher of Grey's Anatomy.  I can't ever seem to get enough!  I watch re-runs on the lifetime channel, re-watch seasons at a time on DVD, NEVER miss a new weekly episode. Over time, the characters and show itself has changed immensely...but one thing that still remains is the narration or "voice-over" at the beginning and end of the show.  It's the piece that leads you into the episode and that sums it all up at the end.  It's a very powerful piece to the show and one of the reasons I am compelled to continue watching.

Last night, we got word that, after a long battle with ALS, a family friend took his last breath.  It took me back to the days of taking care of my grandpa at home with the help of hospice.  It's heart-breaking to even go there; the exhaustion, the fear, the constant sick-to-your stomach feeling, wanting to do something-anything to see him alive and well again.

And when I go there, it's hard to keep my thoughts/emotions from running all over the place.  (Which is where this whole "Grey's Anatomy voice-over" comes in.)  While brushing my teeth last night, my thoughts went to the Season 5 finale...Izzie is battling cancer, John Doe becomes George, Meredith gets married on a post-it... and we are left with Greg Laswell's Off I Go and these last words:

'Did you say it? "I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life." Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around. Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow.' ~Meredith Grey

I'll be busy working in my studio today; finishing orders, working on pieces to re-stock shops.  But then I'm taking some time off for myself; to tell others I love them, to hold them close, to let them know they've "changed my life", to "drink it ALL in".  
My heart is telling me I need to do this and I have faith that this is part of God's plan for me <3
I'll be back May 1st...until then----->Love More...Fear Less.
P.S. For those of you interested in watching the last 5 minutes of the episode, the link is here.

waiting on butterflies...!!!

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