A few weeks ago I purchased a CD (I know...I'm old-school) on a whim.  I had never heard any of the songs and really didn't know much about the artist, but loved some of the song titles so took a chance.  The first few times I listened to it, I wasn't really sure what I thought. 

AND THEN, I came across the song I shared the link for in my last post "lessons learned".  It really seemed to 'fit' exactly where I was last week and how I wanted to view the events that had and are taking place in my life.

The more I listen, the more I like it.  I don't believe I found this CD by accident.  Since this journey began, I have been motivated by music, depending on the circumstances taking place at a particular time.  And for several weeks beforehand, I had searched for the right song to motivate me to believe in myself, to believe that everything happens for a reason, to believe that change will happen and that something good is coming my way.

The following is a link to a song that just happened to come on (from the same CD) yesterday morning during my drive to work.  Again, perfectly fitting for this time in my life.  'Something' good is about to happen.  The question is, WHAT???...

Eventually all the pieces fall into place....until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason. ~Sarah Jessica Parker

"Lessons Learned"