"Lessons Learned"

Thumbs down to the rain :(  My family keeps sending me pictures from the beach...looks so lovely there! 

Anyway, WOW!  What a week!  Chad and I started the workout program called INSANITY on Monday.  We've been getting up between 4:45 and 5 am every day to get it done before work.  It's been challenging and exhausting, but I'm already seeing some results!

Also, this week I interviewed for a new position at my school.  I knew it was a long shot, but I thought...what have I got to lose?  It can't hurt to try, right?  So, I prayed about it and ended up having an awesome interview!  I didn't get the job, but I know that God has a great plan for me and something bigger is going to come along when it's time.  When one door closes...another one opens.  Until then, I have to be patient, which is what He must be trying to teach me :)

So, after a LONG, HARD week, it was nice to get together with some friends last night.  We enjoyed dinner and drinks, had lots to talk about, and shared many laughs.  It was exactly what I needed!  Well that, and lots of sleep!

Today, Chad, Caylee, and I enjoyed some time together.  We did our workout (with Caylee, which was HILARIOUS!), grabbed some lunch, bought each of us a new pair of workout shoes (including Caylee, which is also HILARIOUS!), went to the pet store (yes, you heard me right), and ended our outing with some Orange Leaf...mmmmmmm!  Caylee was napping before we left the parking lot.

I am realizing I like to reflect on my week.  It gives me a chance to see how I've grown, who I've become, and what's important in the bigger picture.  I do have a purpose in this life, I don't have to care about what others think of me, and I should take steps out of my comfort zone every once in a while.  I am gaining new confidence in myself and discovering new things I like and enjoy doing daily.

I thank God for the "lessons learned" this week and hope He continues to lead me in the right direction...


Happy Easter!