Eventually all the pieces fall into place....until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason. ~Sarah Jessica Parker

It's been a great weekend spent with my family; having fun, laughing, and enjoying each other :)  It was great to see my parents last night too!  They were gone for a week, but it seemed like much longer.

As another work week quickly approaches, I needed to take some time to express some of my thoughts here.  I had a pretty good week last week.  It was busy at work and there were many changes in my room, but I managed to stay calm, flexible, and cheerful :) I was actually really proud of myself.  I think it must be the fact I am getting up and working out early.  It makes me feel good and helps me have a positive attitude starting off the day. 

And though the week went well, the weekend was fun, and I've felt really happy, I am still finding myself feeling a little bummed about a certain thing I have been praying a lot about. 

I have such a hard time trusting people.  I realize this is a flaw of mine and something I have dealt with since I can remember.  This flaw used to make me constantly worry what others were thinking about me, saying to others, or plotting behind my back and made me question whether or not I could fully trust them.  I have worked hard to let go of this and it has felt good not to have to worry about that aspect of it anymore.  However, I still seem to put trust in people, circumstances, etc. that I probably shouldn't and then struggle to trust the people, circumstances, etc. that I should. 

So, I have been praying.  That God will lead me in the right direction, help me make the right choice, let me see the lesson I should be learning, and allow me to trust in Him and the plan.

I am hopeful that it will work out, but I am also afraid, which is making me worried, anxious, and sick to my stomach.  I will continue to pray for peace and patience in the situation and for an answer to the problem, even if it's one I don't like.

I also have to remind myself that I am not the one in control.  And that everything will happen, just maybe not the way I had planned...

Tomorrow is a new day!