Happy Easter!

So sad to see spring break coming to an end :(  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Chad and Caylee.  Today was so much fun; waking up to see if the Easter bunny came, going on egg hunts, dancing at church with my sweet baby girl, and the message that we were able to get there, spending time with friends and family, and feeling so relaxed and overjoyed.

It's so true that daily we go through the motions of life, stick to what is expected of us, and try to do the right things...but almost always, something unexpected gets in our way on the journey.  It may be good, but we are too focused on what we believe to be right to realize the amazing thing that is happening in front of us.

It's in those moments we need to take a step back, put our trust in the Lord, and pray He will lead us in the right direction, help us make the right choices, and send us down the path to happiness.

He has taught me so much on this journey.  I thank Him for this beautiful day, for the happy times with my family, and for helping me tolerate the uncertainties that lie ahead...

"Lessons Learned"

I LOVE my house...