"Love is the REMEDY" ~Zac Brown Band

A few years ago (well, probably more than a few...but who's counting?!) my hubby and I had the opportunity to see Zac Brown Band for the first time at the Pepsi Coliseum.  It was probably my favorite concert to date (coming in close 2nd--Mumford).  The venue was perfect...small, intimate, not overly crowded. And what I loved most about his music and style was that it spoke to me. It was like he was telling my story. That night, I was filled with joy and happiness...hope and excitement. And up until now, my journey has been just that: filled with joy and happiness, hope and excitement!

But, I've been a bit down lately.  And I've actually been quite mad at myself for it, feeling guilty and worried that I'm not doing enough...that I'm not contributing enough, following through enough, being present enough.

It's true that music has played (pun intended) a huge part of me finding myself on this journey.  In fact, music has gotten me through most of the trip.  I find certain genres or songs appeal to me as I take on new challenges or face changes.  Some days, I'm a laid back Mandolin Orange type of girl. Other days, I find myself jammin' to top pop or old school and reliving the glory days.  When I 'm in my car with the windows rolled down, hair blowin' in the wind (mental picture is way better than the actual), I like inspirational songs...the ones that motivate  me to get off my bum and get 'er done!  I enjoy music.  I enjoy the emotion it allows me to feel, without judgement, as I sit quietly, hum along, or belt it out.

So.  Today I'm sharing a new favorite of mine.  If you haven't  heard their latest album, I highly recommend it.  I love that it is called 'Jekyll and Hyde' as the songs vary on so many levels, telling lots of different life stories.  A reminder of all I have been through (good, bad, and ugly) to get where I am today.  No more backstepping.

Praying the next part of this journey will make me "stronger and wiser".  And hoping to share a new project soon that will spread "love (to) one another". He's got this!  Amen!!!

Video with lyrics <3

Gifting our first windchime--#inspirejoy

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. ~unknown