A perfect date night!

We had such a great time at dinner talking about our "fear-less" lists; places we'd like to go, things we'd like to see and do.  We shared dessert then hit the road!  It was a beautiful day!
We had seats in the pavilion...on the sunny side :-/ So we spent some time walking around, visiting with friends, and being silly until the sun went down.  Makes me smile thinking about it :-)
It was hard to get great pictures because the lights went on and off so fast!  Just loved seeing them in real life <3
They put on a great show!
And at the end, they invited the opening acts out on stage with them!  
There's just something I love so much about watching others live out their dreams.  They were up on stage, playing and singing with their friends as if they were just hangin' out on a normal Saturday night.  It was the perfect way to spend time with my hubby. <3

I have some friends who are playing this Saturday night, September 7th at Flashbacks on the Southeast side of Indy.  If you've never had a chance to see The Dirty Thirty Trio in person,  I strongly encourage it! Check out their website for more info, then bring your dancin' shoes for a hand clappin', singin' out loud, feelin' happy kind of night :-)

It's been a little crazy around here! Here's an update:

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