Honor, Virtue, Responsibility...Indianapolis Academy of Excellence

Since resigning my position in early July, I've had a lot of time to reflect on my life as an educator. I look back to my college days, cohorts and classes with others who shared my same passions and beliefs, and I wonder where it all went...how did it change so quickly...how in the world can I make my one little voice heard in the big picture!

I've been searching for a way to share this "passion" with others.  And recently was introduced to a project taking place here in Indy on September 19th.  It's called #passionprojectindy and is a day devoted to EVERYONE talking about their own passions.  This just happened to be perfect timing as I have been feeling so drawn to making a difference in our education system and have been praying for a way for this one little voice to be heard!

It seems my prayers have been answered in another form as well.  This morning I met with Joseph Burleson with the Challenge Foundation Academy.  He is in the process of opening a new Charter School called Indianapolis Academy of Excellence and his vision for this school is exactly what I have been hoping for!  He will be working with the community, members of TEAMCFA, local entrepreneurs, financial advisors and civic leaders to develop a school where students learn the history, process, hardships, and successes of daily life through applicable learning experiences.  Content subjects will be taught in a blended learning environment where students are given opportunities to learn and explore their creativity and passion through workshops and digital learning.  Civic education will come in the form of a student government, complete with a system of Checks and Balances, an opportunity to practice real-life scenarios and become involved in the local community.

I am so excited about this school and the positive impact it will make on our students and in our world! On September 19th, you will find me participating in #passionprojectindy, I'll be sharing more about my passion...education and Indianapolis Academy of Excellence.  Hope you can join me!

A perfect date night!

BIG news!!!!!