Enjoying Life! :-)

I've been doing a great job catching so many moments/memories on camera...but it's been hard to find the time to get them up here on the blog.  I have so many thoughts to share...and so many great things happening each day. I've managed to finally put together picture collages and am excited to share them here!

The Patriot Tour-an experience I will never forget.
2013 State Fair: can you guess what her favorite ride was?!?
2013 State Fair: quite the personality! Love her <3
2013 State Fair:  The Aftermath!  Ride home with a sugar-crazed girlie!
Daddy went away on a guys trip, so the girls had fun!  Yep, she's drinking coffee :-D
We went to the apple orchard hoping to score some honeycrisp apples...our fave!  They weren't quite ready, but we had a lot of fun tasting some others, drinking slushies, and playing :-)
Bounce House fun with the cuz!  
Daddy on his "guys" trip...looks awful "girlie" to me?!?
Enjoying this lovely weather with a picnic!
So excited to have finally gotten a bike!  We've been riding daily and I love it! :-)
These two and their "sleepovers" crack me up! :-D

I have to admit, it has been wonderful to focus solely on living and enjoying life.  We've created so many memories in just the last two weeks...moments that were pure joy to live in and make me happy to look back on.  

This week I'm gearing up for the launch of Bizzy!  And with that, my website will be taking on a whole new look!  I'm excited, and nervous all at the same time! I know the coming months are going to be challenging, but I'm fully prepared to put my best foot forward, to take advantage of any and every opportunity to share my story, and to not be afraid to live in the moment...take it in, feel the joy, breathe the happy! 

Ahhhhh!!!! So excited and hopeful...:-)

The week is off to a great start!!! :-)

No school teacher has EVER had a former student return to say a standardized test changed his or her life. ~Joe Martin a.k.a. The Educator Motivator