The week is off to a great start!!! :-)

Just LOVE this sweet girl to pieces! <3  
Our week started off all new as we were invited to attend church with some really great friends!  Their new series is based on "The Purpose Driven Life".  It was a great experience for the whole family and I am hopeful to attend next week as well!  The message really spoke to me and where I am on my journey...that there is a purpose for my life...and I truly believe that I am working on living it out :-)
Monday was the BIG day for both of us!  Caylee wasn't quite sure she was ready to head back to school, but she had a FABULOUS day and her teachers are WONDERFUL!   It was also my "first day" to really get a taste of what this new life I'm living will be like...and I have to admit, I'm so excited!!!  I absolutely LOVE being a part of her school experience.  From getting her ready and taking pictures to picking her up, talking to her teachers, and really feeling involved.  Instead of worrying about all that has to get done and how in the world I'm going to do it, yesterday I got to focus on her...ask about all she did...and REALLY LISTEN...without rushing.  
I continue to be amazed at the wonderful opportunities God has put on my path and can't wait to see what this "new" year has in store for all of us!

Feeling Blessed...!

Enjoying Life! :-)