Being proud of "fearing-less"!

Yesterday, after reading my post, a friend challenged me to make a list of things I had already "fear-lessly" done.  Sometimes, it's easy to forget all that we have accomplished on our journey because we're so focused on what we'd still like to accomplish.

Thought #2:
Being proud of "fearing-less"!

The above is a picture of the sign hanging above my display at Best of What's Around.  Meeting Danie Leever, and having the opportunity to share my work in her shop has been one of the best moments on this journey.  I believe the opportunity to be a part of her shop has helped me become less fearful of putting myself out there and more confident that each of my pieces serve a purpose for others on their journey. The sign, made by a friend and fellow vendor, Sarah Kruer from Imy's Joy, was a perfect addition to my display there.  I feel blessed to have found this amazing group of ladies and proud that I continue to "fear-less" each day.

Links to Best of What's Around and Imy's Joy:

What are you proud to say you "fear-less" today than you did yesterday?!?  Leave a comment below :-)

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