Can't believe the book is here!

Introducing the newly published book:  There's SomeTHING in My Basement

Written By:
Nicole Osborne    

Illustrated By:

I am so excited to finally announce it is here and available for purchase!  The website is not quite ready, so I will be selling from here until we get everything up and running.  Signed copies are available for $10.00 each.  Please contact me at

Also, if you know of a school, library, hospital, or kids group that would be willing to let me come and do a read aloud, teach a lesson on fear, and share my experiences, please let me know!  I'm excited to get out into the community and use this book to help those struggling daily with fear and anxiety.

Many thanks to Christy Vance, Don Bishop, and the many family and friends who helped make this dream a reality!  I couldn't have done it without you...

Join us for a celebration!

I wish it wasn't so complicated...