Can't believe it's over :(

Oh summer I will miss you!

I spent the day packing as many things as I could in; lunch with the fam, trip to the store, jammin' to my favorite songs in the car with all the windows down, Frosty Boy, and the park.  I am going to miss spending my days with Caylee and that stress-free feeling I have at the end of a summer day.  I'm hopeful that I will enjoy this new place and space so much that the joy I used to feel at the end of a day at work will return this year.

I do, however, find myself sitting here tonight trying to overcome those first day jitters.  A little nervous about what's to come, yet excited about the new adventure ahead of me.  We all know how I like to "predict" what's going to happen, get myself all worked up about it, worry about it, etc...only to find out when it actually happens it's not nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my head.  It's my life story!

So, if you wouldn't mind, say a prayer for me: that I will be able to feel at peace tonight and get some sleep; that tomorrow I will go in there with confidence, I will be my new self, and I will enjoy getting to know others; that I won't get all worked up over things I can't control, mistakes I may make, or what others are thinking/saying about me.  That God will be with me, will have the right words for me, and will help me share my true self with others. I will be doing the same...

Best wishes for a great year to all my fellow teachers!

Sometimes it's hard to share the tough stuff...

I'm Smiling :)