Choose to...

Two days of sun, blue skies, cool weather, family, and friends...I feel so relaxed and happy. Sometimes I let the stresses of everyday life get the best of me.  My goal for this year is to remember how I feel today.  And, when life stops me in my tracks, make the choice to fight back...

"CHOOSE TO LOVE. . .rather than hate.
CHOOSE TO SMILE. . . rather than frown.
CHOOSE TO BUILD . . . rather than destroy.
CHOOSE TO PERSEVERE . . . rather than quit.
CHOOSE TO PRAISE . . . rather than gossip.
CHOOSE TO HEAL . . . rather than wound.
CHOOSE TO GIVE . . . rather than grasp.
CHOOSE TO ACT . . . rather than delay.
CHOOSE TO FORGIVE . . . rather than curse."
~Author Unknown

Here we go...

A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should. ~Author Unknown