Lots to share!

Good Morning!
I know it's "Cyber Monday", but don't forget you can still 'Shop Small' online!  Many of my talented friends are offering specials on their products as well! :-)

It's been a FANTABULOUS ride the last few weeks!  I've met so many great people who are doing amazing things for our community and have had the opportunity to share my story in several different ways.
I haven't really slowed down yet, but I'm trying to take it all in as I go...feel the warmth of the season, the love of others, the joy in my heart! <3

I haven't really had much time to write lately either, and as I sit here thinking of all the things I'd love to share with you, my to-do list continues to grow!  But...I've decided that today, I want you to know about the amazing ride I've been on, so I'm taking some time to share more than one thing with you (in case I don't make it back until later this week).

Each year, the Fraternal Order of Police collects money from the community to help families in need for Christmas.  The money collected goes towards a program called "Shop with a Cop" where children who would normally not get Christmas are escorted to the store, get to buy clothes and other items they need, and if money allows, a toy.  Afterwards, the children go to a local church where they eat pizza, play games, and meet Santa.  For some, this is an experience they have never had and one they will never forget.
A few weeks ago, I spent some time with the fifth graders at Rosa Parks Edison Elementary School teaching them about this program and asking for their help to decorate the church...to make it a Winter Wonderland. They exceeded my expectations and have all been invited to participate in an optional service learning experience with their families. We will use their decorations to create that Winter Wonderland in the church lobby next week.  It was a joy to be in the classroom, to see children working for a cause, and to know that they truly understand the program in which they are giving to. <3

Over the last month, I have been sharing stories about the local businesses that have taken me in, promoted my products, and supported me 110%.  I've not made it too far down the list (I've been much busier than I ever expected to be...in a good way!).  My focus this next week will be to do just that.  Here is a list of places and a link to their facebook pages, just in case you go shopping before I get my story out ;-) Hopefully I'm not missing anyone!

American Wildwood Gift Shoppe and Gallery (open Thurs.-Sun. thru Dec. 15th)
Arts A Poppin'
Best of What's Around
Bizzy's Mobile Boutique (you won't find my book here, but many great, local artisan gifts!)
Gathering (open Wed.-Sun thru Dec. 24th)
Imagination Station
Moore Corner Store
My Toy Garden
Saving Grace Vintage
The Gift Box (located inside the Simon Cancer Center)

And lastly, I wanted to share about my experience on IndyStyle last week.  If you missed the segment, you can catch it here.  I can't thank Megan Martin enough for inviting me to demonstrate my craft and for allowing me the opportunity to get my name and my business name out to a few more people.  It was definitely a "talk to myself about 'fearing less' kind of moment" and I was really proud that I had the guts to try it...even if my normal "shaky hands" were ten times shakier ;-)  I have to say, the support of fellow artisans truly is what helps keep us going when the going gets tough...or overwhelming...or scary.  I have so much respect and love for them all! <3

I have several events coming up over the next two weeks and I'll be posting about them on my facebook page. Like my page for updates and share with your friends!

***Starting December 16th, I'm taking a break from it all to enjoy family and friends and the joyous holiday season! <3***

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!