Never Alone...

Besides Christmas music, while working in my newly organized "studio" I've been listening to the Rosi Golan station on Pandora.  I just LOVE her voice and the many other talented artists that are similar to her music style.  Their songs make me feel at peace, they inspire me as I'm working, and they truly make me appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that ALL artists put into their work daily.

I am thankful to have met so many of these hardworking men and women on my journey.  And I'm even more thankful to be able to call them friends.<3  They have helped me understand the day-to-day tasks of my "job", enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge with me, and really are my number one supporters.

As doors open...and close...and open again...I continue on this journey; following my heart, trusting the process, having faith it will all work out, believing in myself and all that God has in store for me.  Knowing I'll "never be alone" is what keeps me going.

Click here to watch a lyric video of Lady Antebellum's new song "compass". Not sure I understand the video, but the words definitely apply to the road...the journey...the people we meet...and following your heart.

Sending many thanks to my friends <3  Hoping this holiday season is full of love, laughter, and lots of shoppers!!!

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