Being real with my feelings...

So...I went through a rough emotional patch and needed some time to figure out how to write about it.  
It's definitely hard to be real...out loud with your emotions, especially when you know there are people out there who will judge what you say.  

When anything happens to a police officer, as the wife, you begin to put yourself in that person's shoes...because let's be honest, though we know the dangers of their job, we choose to not think about it.  I know I send my officer to work everyday...a kiss and a hug, waiting for a call to tell me whether he's working late or not, knowing he's going into a dangerous situation, and believing that nothing bad will happen to him because he's got "his guys" with him. And those "guys" and their families...we are family.  We share a bond that no one else can understand. We know the danger, they know the danger...yet none of us talk about it.  Until something happens that brings it all up front and in our face.

No, I did not know Jamie or her family personally. a part of this family, my heart is with them.  I hope they know that we are praying for them, that they may find comfort in the hands of the Lord.  I hope they feel the love from this family, know that we are here to support them, to listen to them, to help them move forward.

There is nothing that can make this easier.  I think about that daily and I've been pretty emotional about it.  
But I've decided...I'm going to reach out to them the best way I know how.  I'm going to trust in the "guys" to get my husband through another day.  I'm going to trust in the Lord for healing and peace. And I'm going to move forward.  

So much to be thankful for.  I'll be sharing later this week :-)

Love to you all~

So many fun fall festivities!!!!!

Sometimes the right words are written by someone else...