Still can't believe this is actually happening!?!

This is Bizzy!!!

"Bizzy began her life carrying books so, we are excited to feature this children's book written by a local educator/author. We have invited Nicole Osborne to hold a book signing at Bizzy's launch." 

I am thrilled to be joining such a fabulous group of local artisans!  And to be adding There's SomeTHING in My Basement to Bizzy's shelves!  Tune in to Indy Style Wednesday, August 21st to hear more about the exciting launch of Bizzy!  Then join us Friday and Saturday, August 23rd and 24th at Altum's in Zionsville to see all she has to offer!  

Thankful for these wonderful opportunities and the support of so many as I continue to follow my dreams :-)
Love you all~

Just keep smiling...Just keep smiling...Just keep smiling, smiling, smiling :-)

It's been busy around here!!!