Take me to the ocean...

Last week I finalized a HUGE decision, one that took a lot of time and consideration to make.  I resigned my teaching position and I'm pursuing my dream to become a traveling author!

I definitely have my work cut out for me, but I'm so excited to begin something new and can't wait to share my book with others!

I need some time to clear my head, so I'm spending the next few days by the ocean...breathing in the fresh air, listening to the waves crash, soaking up the warm sun, and watching the beauty of each sunset.

I also hope to take on at least one new adventure from my "fear-less" list :-)

I plan to journal quite a bit and will be sharing my thoughts, observations, ideas, stories, etc. here on my blog throughout the week.

Before I go today, I just want to say thank you:  to my family and friends for loving me for me and for standing behind me 100%; to my co-workers for your daily support, personally and professionally; to the business owners, who have given me these amazing opportunities; to fellow vendors who have offered advice and expertise; and to my wonderful customers who have inspired me in ways they may never know.

Can't wait to get back and see what the future has in store!

Spotting a rainbow...

Fear-less adventure #1: Play in a drum circle-CHECK!!!