I'm in the ocean...WHAT?!?

We got to spend the first morning at the beach together, just the three of us, while waiting for the rest of the fam to get in.  After such a long drive in the car, it was really nice to get a good sleep, to wake up feeling well rested, and to spend a quiet morning together by the water.  

I think I've made it pretty clear up to this point that I LOVE the beach; the sights, the sounds, the smells, the cool breeze...however, I RARELY (and by rarely, I mean once or twice in my lifetime...maybe) get in the water.  I like to walk along with my feet in or sit in a chair where the waves will roll up, but I have ALWAYS been afraid of getting all the way in.  

Caylee usually does her swimming in open water with Chad, and that first morning was no different.  They were out there swimming and playing, smiling and laughing, and I (as usual) stood on the sidelines wishing I could join them. It was at that point, I made a decision...I had recently set out to "add more color" to my life, to conquer some things on my "fear-less" list.  THIS was NOT one of them, but I thought to myself, how cool will it be to overcome a fear I didn't even add to the list?

So...I took some deep breaths, put a smile on my face, pushed my fears to the back of my mind, and walked right in.  It felt good to be in a moment I had NEVER shared with my family.  To, rather than worrying about what might happen, be enjoying what was happening right then.  And even though it may sound silly to some, I was so proud of myself for taking the plunge, for facing that fear, and for the enjoyment taking that risk gave me. :-)

I'd love to hear your stories of overcoming a fear...share them below!

I just love the lake!

Missing the sights and sounds of the ocean...