Feeling OVERJOYED!!!

Yesterday, I was so excited to open a letter in the mail from the Indiana State Museum accepting  me as a vendor into "Handmade Indiana"!!!  The event is being held at the Indiana State Museum, Saturday, November 2nd from 10-5 and will feature handcrafted items from artisans all over Indiana.
There's a short blurb about it here. I will share more as the event date gets closer and I get more information!

As each day passes, I just can't believe the unbelievable opportunities God is laying on my path.  I am so thankful and today, feel overjoyed!  It's hard to believe, still, that just a few short years ago I was dreaming of such great things and with a little strength, a lot of grace, and after facing several fears, I am here...living a life that I love and sharing that love with others!

The same is waiting for you...find the courage, take a chance, live your dreams <3

I'll be sharing another dream come true tomorrow ;-)

Peace and love to you all~

Is this REALLY happening?!?

I just love the lake!