Hello Again!!!

Okay, okay...so I've been out for a while!

My last post about the fork...um yeah, totally hit it.  I've hit a few storms since then too.

All I can say is, I'm glad to be alive today: to be breathing the fresh air of the world around me, to be clearing out the clutter in my life, to be focusing on the good, for all my many blessings; to have a family that loves me, friends who sincerely care about me, fellow artisans and followers that truly believe in and support me.

I'm letting my heart lead the way, I'm loving every moment, I'm leaving the past and mistakes behind (even those most recent)...and putting one foot in front of the other.  I have no idea where I'm headed.  I'm definitely scared out of my mind.  But I know this part of the journey will serve a purpose...and that friends, gives me hope.

Glad to be back!  And excited about this new adventure!

More to come soon!!! :-)

Absolutely LOVE this <3 and just HAD to share :-)

Stepping outside for a while...

I'm here at the fork...