I've always wanted to be an artist...


Since school has been out, I've experienced so many exciting things with the business!  I've been really busy with custom orders, meeting new people, and planning for upcoming events!  I have been inspired by the heroic stories of others, grateful to be a part of their journey, and humbled to hear of lives that have been touched by my book or a piece of jewelry.  I can't say thank you enough.

Thought #4:

I've always wanted to be an artist-

I have, but let's be honest...I can't draw! or paint! (hence the adventure of taking a painting class) or anything else I would have believed was "artsy".  I've spent days dreaming about visiting art museums (another adventure on my list) hoping to spend hours there, analyzing each piece of work, talking with others, leaving with a new perspective.

But yesterday, after meeting with a couple who own a little art/coffee shop in Fountain Square called Funkyard, I left feeling more like an artist than ever before.

Maybe I haven't been to art museums, or spent time in an art/painting class learning how to.  But something I have done is teach myself how to make this jewelry...jewelry that inspires others to to create themselves, to love themselves, to embrace who they are, where they came from, what they've been through, where they're going, and to find joy in it all.

And although I didn't draw the pictures in my book, shout out to Christy Vance and her creative, artistic talents, the story and the meaning behind it is its own work of art.

I am so thankful to have met the owners of both Arts A Poppin' and Funkyard, and for the opportunity they have given me to display my work in their shops!

I've attached a link to each of their facebook pages!  Check them out, like their page, then find a time to stop in and take a look around.  You'll leave with warmth in your heart, a smile on your face, and maybe...a piece of work from this "artist" :-)

No thoughts to ponder today, but feel free to leave me questions or comments below!


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