Don't let fear control your life...

Fear is something that is in all of us. It causes us to act and react in many different ways and is usually only overcome by looking it straight in the face.  If you are looking for ways to help your child or yourself overcome fears, consider purchasing the book "There's SomeTHING in My Basement" from my website: or contact me directly at:
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Don't let fear control your life. 

"Hope and happiness" will come from believing in yourself, trusting in God's plan, and having faith that you are here for a reason.

If I've learned anything from the horrible tragedy that took place yesterday, it's that you have to enjoy every second of the life you're living; be thankful for what you have, make memories with those you love, and cherish the time you have with them. There is a purpose for your time on this Earth. Do what you love, make changes where necessary, and never be afraid to take a risk. 

Taking the next step...

Okay, Okay...take 2!