Thank you Kelli :)

The last few days have been gorgeous and it has been so nice to be outside; enjoying the fresh air, spending time with my family, having fun with friends.  I'm so sad to see the weekend coming to a close :(  

The last few weeks I have had a ton of anxiety; too many tests, my to-do list keeps growing, frustration with others, constant interruptions, the what-ifs for next year! The list could go on and on.  I keep trying to calm myself down by telling myself not to worry; it will all get done, take deep breaths, pray about it, but inside...I'm PANICKING!

Today, a friend shared some thoughts that really made me think:
"I like nights that end in the company of dear friends. I like swapping stories & looking others in the eye & getting beyond small talk. I like the reminder that in the midst of the day to day we can celebrate where we are today, not the past, not the future, the pleasant present." ~Kelli Curtis

These words really got to me. I have truly enjoyed this weekend with my family and friends and in the "pleasant present" felt really good.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the what has been and the what will be that I ruin all those good feelings I'm having in the right now!  I let the guilt, the fear, the panic overcome me.  I constantly question myself and my decisions.  

So, thank you Kelli :) For reminding me that it is good to be in the company of good friends; who love you, and care about you, and accept you just the way you are...flaws and all.  For reminding me that REALLY getting to know someone requires me to go beyond the small talk and the gossip I sometimes get caught up in.  For reminding me that all relationships require TRUST, from both parties.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, that I should be CELEBRATING; who I've become, where I am RIGHT NOW, and all that I've accomplished on this journey!  It's time to let go of the past, trust in the steps ahead, and enjoy this "pleasant present"...

Thank you God for answering my prayer :)

Oh, the sound of the rain...