Deep breath...and a sigh...

This past week was a busy one, full of sharing love with the family, spending time with friends, and working towards a new goal.

I have just started training for the mini-marathon that will take place at the beginning of May.  It is something I've always wanted to do, but have never had the courage to try before.  This year, I decided it was time.  Because of my heart condition, I will be walking rather than running, but I am excited to add it to the list of accomplishments and have really enjoyed pushing myself the last couple of days.

The quote above really spoke to me when I came across it.  Truth is, so many times I have felt a task, situation, or problem was impossible to solve.  I wasn't confident, was afraid of what others would think of me, thought I might make a mistake and feel embarrassed.  Because of this, I never put myself out there, didn't take risks, didn't believe that my dreams were possible to attain, and my goals possible to accomplish.  I didn't trust or believe in myself. 

I'm now realizing that anything is possible with the right attitude, persistence, faith, and hope.  I pray A LOT, I take deep breaths A LOT, I talk to myself A LOT.  But now, more than any other time in my life, I believe that "I'm possible"!  And because of that, things are happening for me.  I'm learning to have more patience, to live in the moment, and to believe that God has a great plan for my future...

A reason to smile :)