"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernard Shaw

There's nothing like being kicked back down to the ground when you've just decided to stand up and start going again. 

After writing my last post, I awoke to a sick stomach, body aches, and exhaustion.  I've been trying to recover the last couple of days from what seems like an all-out beat down.  Maybe it was my body saying it had had enough, or maybe it was God telling me to take a break.  Either way, it's been rough and I am so ready to feel better; no aches, or chest pains, or feeling irritable and tired.

I'm ready to continue on my journey, to see what's ahead, and who I become.  As the quote states, "life is about creating yourself".  So, I'm off to do just that. And if it all works out, the direction of my path could be changed forever...

A prayer...

Fear, go away!