The moment may be TEMPORARY, but the memory is FOREVER ~Bud Meyer

Taking a break from my blog for the weekend to enjoy the time off, my family, and some of the last days with the boat for the season.  I have had a great week and feel happy.  I loved reconnecting with old friends; I have missed having them in my life.  I am excited about the year ahead of me at school.  The kids are great and my team is so flexible and supportive; I love that I don't leave school feeling overwhelmed, upset, and unhappy.  And most important, I am excited about spending some well deserved quality time with Caylee and Chad.  I can't wait to make new memories with them doing whatever we decide to do; watching football, going boating, even cleaning house!  There's always something to laugh about when we're doing all of the above.  This weekend I'm going to ENJOY each moment as we MAKE new memories...

Dear God:

Derek, Stacie, and Carson: