To My Husband:

I'm not sure I can ever put into words how much I appreciate and love you.  You do so much everyday to take care of me and Caylee.  None of it goes unnoticed.  I am thankful that you are a strong, independent, fun-to-be-around guy who puts family and friends first always.  I am excited about the new relationship we are building together and have enjoyed every moment we have spent doing things as a family.  You are a wonderful husband, an excellent father, and I am so happy to be sharing my life with you.  When I look back on where I've been and what it took for me to get through it all, I'm reminded of a Rascal Flatts song: "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you"...

"If you can't change it, you might as well let it go" Zac Brown Band