Deep breaths; a smile; the feeling of happiness.

A friend of mine just shared some pictures on facebook of her recent trip to Portugal.  The pictures themselves were breathtaking, so I can't wait to hear what it was like to be there in person.  I can only imagine myself being there breathing in the fresh air, with a smile on my face, feeling like the happiest person in the world. the key word here. And it started me thinking.  Though I wish I were one of those people, like my friends, who travel to far away places, exploring the land, taking on new adventures, and creating exciting memories with the ones they love, I am not. Anyone who knows me (and I mean REALLY KNOWS ME) knows I have a hard enough time leaving my family (daughter or husband) for longer than a two hour period and that spending one night away from them, on the same continent, makes me a nervous wreck!  So the fact of the matter is, though I would like to do those things, I can only IMAGINE them.  However, I have recently written about my own journey, the path I am on, and the new experiences I am having.  And though I am still living and breathing in the same places I have always been, I am enjoying life in a new and different way.  I notice the world around me: the beautiful day; the love of my family; supportive friends; places I never knew existed.  Bottom line is: no matter where you are, life can be breathtaking.  Look around you, take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy that feeling of happiness...

Thank you God

Thank you Stacie!